I’m Jussi, a Finnish dude based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I love expeditions and have a background in Alpinism, free skiing and cave diving. Situations of extreme stress are when the strength of the mind is truly tested. One returns as a changed person after every expedition.

There are no longer blanks on the map, but the dark corners still hold secrets. Curiosity drives me to stay off the beaten track and to push on where the trail ends. One never knows what lurks in the shadows. The variety of peoples, cultures and landscapes of the world never cease to amaze me.


This purpose of this site is to help people fulfil their dreams and take adventures.

I’ve lurked on several sites and forums over the years and devoured worlds of information on whatever interested me at the time. I feel truly grateful to the people who chose to share their knowledge and expertise. Without them, I would never have left home. Having received so much, this is my small contribution to giving back to the community.

All matters stated on this site are my opinions or based on my experiences, so feel free to argue. Discussion, even heated, is what will eventually improve us all.

If there is anything I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact me.