Klim Forecast Split Finger Gloves

Klim’s new Forecast series was a huge step forward for riders wanting to keep the bulk and weight of their luggage low. After all, if you for the most part ride in the dry, why carry heavy and bulky rain gear? I’ve been running the Forceast Jacket and Forecast pants this season, and have been really happy with them so far. So I was more than a little excited about the launch of the Klim Forecast Split Finger Glove.

As I’m an advocate of riding light in modular gear, the Forecast shell gloves make a lot of sense to me. I usually run the Klim Dakar Pro Gloves, which do not have a waterproof membrane. They do have enough padding on top though to create an insulating layer, if they’re covered up with the Forecast shell for wind and water protection. Even a completely we glove will be warmer when it’s protected from draft. The lobster style split finger design is the best compromise between reducing heat loss surface and remaining reasonably nimble for operating instruments on the bike. I’ve used GoreTex shell mitts before, and found them rather cumbersome and restrictive.

Since the gloves are only a shell, they pack down to pretty much nothing and weigh 122 g / 4.3 oz at size XL. They come in fast black, have a gauntlet shock cord for a snug fit, elastic wrist cuff, silicone palm and finger grips and the best extra feature for rainy days; a visor wiper.

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