A nice day today. Started off by sorting out the snapped bolt. It gave no trouble at all. I didn’t need any tools to get it out. I then checked all the other bolts and added some copper slip to all threads. After that I rebuilt the front wheel with fresh bearings and dust seals and bolted on the discs. Wheel sorted. All I needed was the forks, which were up next. They too seemed to go together without too much hassle. Equally easily on the yokes too, but I obviously forgot to put in the headlight brackets, and had to take a few steps back to get them on. Well, all sorted in the end. I also brushed the axle heads, as they were looking a little dull. Same goes with the fork pinch bolts, tank cap bolts and the tank cap. I’m loving the Dremel.
I was equally stoked to get the bike on it’s tyres and off the cradle it had been sitting on for months. It’s also nice to have a look at what the whole will look like. Imagination only goes so far and I can’t be bothered to play around with Photoshop any more.


Right, back to work. Handlebar on along with it’s risers, then on to put in the throttle and grips as well the controls, then the front fender. I overhauled the clutch and both brake master cylinders and put them on too. The clutch master cylinder was starting to look petty shoddy. Time to get messy and put the brake calipers back together. I only managed to do the front calipers as I’m missing the seal that goes between the two caliper halves on the rear brake. Will improvise something later probably.On went some new HEL brake and clutch lines.
Well, there it is for now. I’m sure I forgot something on the way, but all in all I’m pretty pleased. It feels like progress.