Picked up my headers, collector and link pipes today. They were coated by Martelius Exhaust. Here’s the site for all you (2?) locals: Martelius Exhaust

They were very well wrapped and packaged so they survived the ride from the courier’s office to my garage on the back of my bike graciously. The coat is Tech Line Black Satin. It looks really good.


The Black Satin finish sits well with the rest of the bike, but fitting them were, as usual, more like Black Satan. Actually, as the shiny bits keep disappearing, maybe I should call the bike just that. Actually I just remembered that there’s a band called Black Satans, renown for their awesome music videos. I urge everyone to have a look on Youtube. Top productions! Yeah but I really hate dealing with exhausts. But after a lot of sweating and cursing, everything up to the collector is together, and tightened to torque. Back went also the oil cooler and fan assembly.

As for the LED on the HID, the old halogen pulled right out and the LED went right in. I put everything together and now switching from low beam to high beam doesn’t work anymore. I can hear the bulb doing a click or something, but nothing is happening. Piece of shit. Frustrated.