The first hurdle

We had just passed the Latvian border, when the van was filled with an ominous sounds. It was immediately clear that it was not good. Surely enough, when we pulled over to investigate, the rear left wheel of the van was hot as the axle bearing had apparently given up the ghost. To make matters worse, the time was around 1700 on a Friday.The good news is that we found a friendly mechanic, who said they could fix it but needed to order the parts. They would of course not arrive before Monday.

Luckily we found a nice camping site with nice huts nearby, and made use of the two travel free days by setting up the bikes, doing a shake down test run around the border, and finally packing up the bikes in the hopes that we could leave and push south tomorrow. We’re taking the van to the shop in the morning and will hopefully get a better idea of the time frame. Either way, we have two fully operational bikes, so time will not be wasted, even if the van needs to stay at the shop for an extra day.

The Hobo ultralight 2016 KTM 500 EXC
Juho and his 2017 KTM 500 EXC Six Days