The Crimson Trail Week Three

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3.8.2015 / Roman, Romania – Potiond, Romania / 418 km, 3859 km total

The fifteenth day on The Crimson Trail started rather abruptly as I heard a voice from outside my tent. I hastily put on my gear and ventured out to investigate. I found myself looking at a man and a pitchfork and with a rather quizzical look on his face. He turned out to be the owner of the land I was on, but he had no problems with me camping there. After some some polite words he walked up the field and went to work. I continued on the trail, stopping briefly for some coffee in the next village.

I was getting increasingly worried about time, as I was well behind schedule. I was hoping the trails would remain fast, but it was not to be. Instead, the next section was again on very steep and technical ground. Staying on the offensive and focused required a lot of energy and it was another hot day. Stopping to take some photos on a ridge, a large flock of sheep grazed on the hillside nearby. With sheep come the ferocious local sheepdogs. They had noticed me and all hell broke loose as they darted around the bike, barking maniacally at me. It was pretty funny, and my main concern was not to run over any of them as I opened up on the ridge and made a hasty getaway.

The section ended perfectly at a restaurant and I had a huge lunch before continuing. About a kilometre later I noticed that my rear tyre felt strange and immediately stopped to investigate. It was deflated and while changing the tube i found a nail stuck through the tyre. Unfortunate I suppose, but mainly due to the loss of time. As I was feeling the time pressure, I decided to take a faster route towards the Bulgarian border. Just after midnight I found a suitable spot for camping, tucked behind a corn field and out of view. I was feeling pretty exhausted and sleep came immediately.

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