We rented probably the worst bikes ever and went for a spin. A bike is still a bike and no matter how bad it is, it’ll still be fun. Even though my bike had a broken saddle which kept turning strangely to point directly towards the sky. We named it “The Proctologist”

The weather was fantastic but cold. The whole ride started off with a loooong downhill. By the time we hit level ground I was sure that the skin on my legs had frozen to the bone. Luckily we found a touristy shop selling all kinds of local knit work. We ended up emptying the store and rode offlooking like extremely incompetent undercover agents trying to pass off as locals. It must have looked extremely stupid.

We rode around the lake and ended up in a dead end and scrambled over some barbed wire fences. There was horses everywhere and the terrain was nice hard pack. After our adventure we made it safely back to town. It started snowing the next day so we had been lucky to get a nice day of riding.