We just finished a trip cycling through half of Jordan. We contacted Mr. Hanna Jahshan from Jordan Explorers. He arranged a fantastic trip just for the two of us. We really enjoyed the silence of the desert. Especially since it was just the two of us and a GPS tracker. The cycling was great, starting from a rocky plateau , climbing up into the mountains before descending into the beautiful Wadi Rum desert..
The whole trip was roughly a week, with four days of mountain biking. We also trekked in the Dana valley and gawked at the historical Petra city inside the ravine with a million other tourists. The bikes were both full suspension and worked fine. Jordan Explorers is highly recommended.
DAY 1 – WADI HASSA TO DANA / 43Km – 8Km road & 35Km off-road / Biking Time – 5 hours 30 minutes
Total Ascent 987 meters / Total Descent 1073 meters
DAY 2 – DANT TO HISHEH/PETRA / Distance – 45Km – 13Km road & 32Km off-road / Biking Time – 6 hours
Total Ascent 1483 meters / Total Descent 1463 meters
DAY 3 – RAJEF TO QUERAH / Distance – 56Km – 3Km road & 53Km off-road / Biking Time – 6 hours
Total Ascent 745 meters / Total Descent 1382 meters
DAY 4 – MTB – QUERAH TO WADI RUM / Distance – 40Km – 7Km road & 33Km off-road / Biking Time – 4 hours
Total Ascent 211 meters / Total Descent 149 meters