I really need to start moving with this project if I’m to finish it before June. Enduro has been taking all my spare time and riding the YZ250F is sooooo much fun. Today, now that I have a desk and everything, I set to work and took the forks apart. It was a little unnerving as a lot of the pieces were stuck and I really had to whack the pieces from each other. I’m pretty sure they’ve not been taken apart since 2004. I know the last two owners didn’t change the fork oil. It was pretty watery and totally black actually. I can’t wait to have all parts cleaned, put together and filled with fresh oil. The springs were pretty tired too, and I’ll be replacing them with progressive ones.
There’s some kind of crud really stuck on the inside of the bottoms, where the dust covers are. That will probably not clear out without some gentle sanding or polishing. Any ideas anyone?
I’ll be needing some seals, circlips and whatnot’s, but tomorrow the fork bottoms are off to be blasted and then to be sprayed.