As this is my first build ever I was expecting small victories and entertaining fuckups. Well it’s mostly been small victories but here’s a major fuckup. It’s all my fault too, which twists the knife slowly. This happened a week ago, but I didn’t get around to properly inspecting the damage until today. While moving the engine to the new garage, I managed to tip it over. It was tied onto a wheeled cradle, but the ground was icy and uneven. So pushing it from the van to the garage, one of the wheels stuck and the whole thing started to tip over. I half caught it but it did hit the icy ground. Since the generator, clutch and ignition covers were being blasted at the time, they weren’t there to protect the insides. So the generator rotor made contact with the ground. There are some scratch marks on the rotor and it’s ever so slightly warped towards the inside. It’s barely noticeable but warped it is.
So what am I looking at here? So far I’ve narrowed my options to three:

  1. Put the cover on and forget about it. The unbalanced rotor could end up damaging a lot of stuff resulting in much more expensive repairs. 
  2. Whack it with a wooden block and a hammer and hopefully get it back perfectly round. Could work, could make it much worse. 
  3. Fork out the cash for a new rotor from the Foundry and not risk any further damage to the engine.