Sooo, the project is not going as planned. I’m back to waiting for tools and parts. I took a couple of days in Easter to start putting the bike together and naively thought that it would progress a fair bit. Wrong. Turns out the inner race of the steering stem bearing is stuck fast, throttle cables are frayed and Robinson’s had sent me a wrong clutch cover gasket. The rotor isn’t moving either. So I’m just waiting for a bunch of stuff to arrive and in the meantime made a really crappy video of my exploits in the garage.
On a lighter note, I dropped some stuff to be anodized today. Additionally the rims are back and the black swing arm is looking pretty menacing on the freshly powder coated black frame. I’ll post some pictures when I get around to it.
I do have a question though; how does one get the fork caps apart? I managed to get the adjustment block out of the cap body but can’t get the damping force adjuster out of the pre-load adjuster. Any thoughts, anyone?