Disclaimer: the following perceptions are by an extremely unprofessional, excited individual who is mostly just amazed that the bike actually runs after the amateur workshop action. So take it with a pinch, or a truckload, of salt.
The bike feels totally different. The brakes actually work now. One finger braking is now an option and speed _is_ reduced when applying the brakes. The fork is a lot stiffer and doesn’t dive under braking. Right now it’s way too hard and will need adjusting and/or thinner oil. The Yacugar rear shocks are fantastic. Truly accurate action, which makes the forks feel even worse.
In terms of performance the changes are more subtle. The timing advancer makes throttle response crispier. It also lacks the suffocation at higher revs due to the bigger bore headers. This does probably come with an expense as low end torque feels maybe a little lessened. The gear box is a lot smoother after the oil change.
Upon starting the engine there was some oil smoke which cleared after riding. Everything seems to be okay.
This is a pretty accurate list of what’s been done to the bike after I started working on it:
  • Hours of cleaning grease, oil, road muck, hair, small rodents and what have you’s from any and every nook and cranny of the bike. 
  • Tail section wiring redone and resistor added to LED indicators. 
  • TRE removed 
  • PAIR removed 
  • Timing advancer fitted 
  • Iridium spark plugs fitted 
  • Tank, side panels, sprocket cover, tail, under tail, hugger, front fender, belly pan, swing arm and torque link painted. 
  • Fork bodies, rear brake bracket, sprocket carrier, generator cover, ignition cover and clutch cover bead blasted and painted. 
  • Frame modified (helmet holder removed), sand blasted and powder coated 
  • Rims sand blasted and powder coated 
  • OEM rim valves replaced with black 90 degree racing valves 
  • Can hangers by Kanerdog1X1, powder coated. Thanks Matt! 
  • Radiator ends and fork caps anodized 
  • Oil filter replaced 
  • Oil level lens replaced 
  • Swing arm bearings replaced 
  • Throttle cable assembly replaced 
  • OEM rear sets replaced with Coerce Coerce rear sets anodized from silver to black 
  • Generator rotor replaced 
  • Steering stem bearings replaced 
  • Front and rear wheel bearings replaced 
  • Sprocket carrier bearing replaced 
  • Front and rear sprockets replaced with Supersprox 
  • Chain replaced with AFAM XHR 
  • Brake disk rivets checked 
  • Headers and collector replaced with Motad SS 
  • Front and rear brake calipers stripped and cleaned, pistons cleaned and seals replaced. 
  •  Front brake pads replaced with EBC HH 
  • Fork springs replaced with Hyperpro progressive 
  • Forks rebuilt with new parts where necessary and Motul 15W fork oil 
  • All master cylinders (rear and front brake, clutch) rebuilt with new parts 
  • Brake and clutch levers replazed with Pazzo 
  • All brake and clutch lines replaced with HEL braided lines. 
  • Brake and clutch fluids replaced with Motul RBF DOT4 
  • Thommohawks 10 LED and GPI modifications fitted. Thanks Paul! 
  • Engine oil replaced with 10W 40 Motul 5000 Semi Synth 
  • OEM horns replaced with black horns 
  • Generator cover, ignition cover, clutch cover and sprocket cover bolts replaced with ProBolt black Ali bolts 
  • Fairing bolts replaced with ProBolt black Ali bolts 
  • Mirrors replaced with bar end mirrors 
  • OEM rear shocks replaced with Yacugar S-RS twin shocks 

So, what’s next? Obviously the suspension needs tuning and I have a dyno booked for friday. It’ll be interested what the result is. There shouldn’t be any significant changes as in terms of performance the only major mods are the collector and headers.
I still have bits and pieces I want add, like a ScottOiler and an HID light. I already have both sitting on my desk in the garage. The tail also needs some work as I’ve taken the handrail off. I’ll probably fix it with something temporary and redo the tail completely next winter. Another thing I need are the baffles for the cans. The Finnish police are having a huge noise campaign, targeting motorcyclists as the noise of the motorcycle cans is the number one killer on the planet in traffic. I’m worried that the decibels from my end cans are the biggest threat to humanity and will of course make sure they are reduced. This will also facilitate any interactions with the best and brightest.
The bike is coming apart in fall anyway as the engine will be tuned during winter.
Anyhow, thanks for reading and supporting. It’s been a great help as this has been an uphill battle at times. I’ll keep this thread alive for now as there’ll be constant modifications going on. Maybe a little more subtle until now. Who am I kidding?! It’s not completely black yet WTF?!!!!