Soooo, today the valves and tyres went on the freshly coated rims. A bunch of stuff from Robinson’s and Powersports in the US arrived today too.
Spent a few nice hours at the garage today. Until now progress has been slow. Until this morning the engine was on the frame and the swing mounted with some new bearings. Last weekend I tapped an M6 for my hugger which was glued on by the previous owner. It looks pretty good with the new coat and some ProBolt black magic.
Today I finally got the dinged rotor changed but unfortunately snapped a bolt while putting the generator cover back. It’s pretty irritating as I was nowhere near the specified torque. Is this a typical issue with Pro Bolt aluminium bolts? Anyhow gotta get it out at some point. Also put in new throttle cables and installed the throttle bodies. Drove in the sprocket carrier bearing as well as the rear wheel bearings. Put all that stuff together with the new sprocket, nuts and chain adjusters. Then on the bike and an axle through it. No hick ups there. Also got the Coerce rear sets from the anodizers and bolted those on the bike too. The sub frame is now hidden under the duck tail, which is nice. It’s starting to look like a bike again. I’m liking the dark look of it. The frame plugs look like Korean toys. I gotta do something about those.
I’ll probably build the forks first and then do all the brakes. I’m avoiding touching the wiring loom. We don’t speak the same language.