We decided to spend Easter riding in Tenerife. We managed to get a direct flight with Norwegian which safely transported our bikes to the volcanic island. Cicar, the car hire agency, had “upgraded” our Opel Combo to a Zafira, which made transporting three bike boxes and riders from the southern airport to Puerto de la Cruz a bit of a cramped ride.

Well we made it anyway, checked into our hotel and put our bikes and gear together. The next morning we took the bus up to El Portillo with other riders. The mountain is spectacular and The junction of El Portillo sits at around 2000 m so there’s plenty to ride on the way down.

We were very lucky to have Sami from Mountain Bike Shop riding with us. He’s been to the island since the nineties and has plenty of experience of the location. The first day was a pretty straight forward warm up day, except that I managed to get pinched twice. Apparently the plush suspension can take you through stuff that would call for DH tires. So then according to Sami’s suggestion, I started to go around obstacles instead of hitting them head on, like on my DH bike. And because they called me Tire Shredder.

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