Mr. DHL and Mr. Postman dropped by today with some new stuff for the KTM: The Adventure Spec Magadan panniers, a Giant Loop Fandango tank bag and an OSCO chain oiler. I had a few of my mates in the garage fixing their mountain bikes, so it was on big happy family tinkering away. With beers.
Anyhow, concerning the OSCO. I have Scottoiler on the Suzuki, but for the KTM I wanted something bomb proof that isn’t connected to the vacuum tubes or anything else either. So despite the added labour of operating the OSCO, it seemed like the sensible way to go. I spent quite a while finding a good spot to┬ámount it to. It ended up on the left hand side, under the side panel with just enough room to operate it. As for the tube routing, it just snakes it’s way down the frame and onto the chain guard. To keep the oil tube away from harms way, it came supplied with adhesive cable tie mounts. I didn’t even bother mounting those as they’d┬ánever hold anyway. Instead I drilled 3mm holes directly to the chain guard and secured the oil tube with cable ties. I’m very impressed with the OSCO, it works like a charm.


Can you see it?

As for the Giant Loop Fandango tank bag. I ended up with this model as its seemed to be small enough. I’ve never been a fan of tank bags but on the KTM it seems pretty unobtrusive. The office still seems pretty roomy and this way I’ll always have my camera handy plus all the extra crap out of my pockets, which will be a relief. Additionally, I’m loving the color. The white bag rhymes well with the equally pale tail.

I still need to figure out what to do with the GPS. One option would be to run cables into the tank bag and leave it under the transparent cover. I’ll look into this later.