Dropped by the garage to solder in the 12V plug for accessories. I ran it up from the headlight and between the risers and added a waterproof connector. I ran the wire through into the tank bag just under the carrying handle strap. I imagine that location will see the least wind blast and water. I’ll apply some sealant on it before leaving so it should be waterproof. I put a cable tie to hold the wiring in place on the inside and added a standard 12V cigarette lighter socket. No blue smoke or fuses popping so I guess the wiring went on the right way. Now I have power to charge my cameras and mobile on the road. Nice.

Shopping for a tarp I found this. Couldn’t resist.

I also had some spare time to unpack and repack everything. It’s looking pretty good now and the gear list is getting slimmer. My friends talked me out of taking a chain breaker. I think Mr. Minimalist had a bit of a reality check.