We had a final dinner with our friends in Inverenss, before parting ways. The next day we packed up our bikes and left them with H&I to be couriered home. We still had a couple of days to kill and didn’t want to drag the bikes around. On the train to Edinburgh TKS-1 and I were of course discussing the week.
It had been a very good week. I felt very fortunate of the companionship in the group. The guides and the other riders. It felt like a ride with friends. So a big thank you to Tintti, Barbara, Mike, Andy, Sarah, Gareth, Lena, Florian and Kevin.
Also big thanks go to Cat and Euan with H&I Adventures. H&I really had the trip planned and executed perfectly. Not only were the trails great and the guides professional and fun to be around. It was also the level of all arrangements outside of the cycling that amazed me. This would mean accommodation, restaurants, transport etc. H&I really had even the finest details sorted.  I would definitely go on another trip with them. Actually I probably would have gone next summer, but my enduro project will keep me busy somewhere else. Anyhow, H&I are highly recommended.

As for the riding, it was a tough trip. If I had fully known what I was getting into, I probably would not have gone. Which would have been a real shame as I’m incredibly happy that I did go in the end. Most progress happens outside of your comfort zone, and doing the thing you know doesn’t really take you that far. Sometimes progress happens, while carrying your bike up a Scottish hill, totally not suited for mountain biking.