Our 2200 km van ride through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary ended in Bucharest Romania. It took about fifty hours with one quick nap in a Polish truck stop, a night in a Romanian gas station motel, lots of sunshine and a thunderstorm or two. The van performed without further incidents and we arrived yesterday to our friends’ Jon’s and Ana’s home. They are the people behind the awesome KIT 690 rally kits  and some epic expeditions around the world.

The bikes were in good shape, but we took the time to lube the mousses, which were in pretty decent shape to begin with. I had a tiny leak on the muffler, between the end cap and the body, and decided to take off the DB-killer to reduce the back pressure within the silencer. The sound is now pretty booming, requiring a light touch on the throttle in urban areas.

We will roll out today, which is a huge relief after all the preparations, delays and sitting in the van for days on end.