Travel gear

Here’s my gear list for Eastern Dirt 14. It remains to be seen if everything will fit. So, what did I miss and what don’t I need?



Riding gear

Many people are riding in touring style suits with integrated armor. That’s how I’ve ridden in the past too and they are convenient and comfortable. For this trip however, I prefer to ride a modular setup with MX knee and body armour. It isn’t as comfortable as riding with integrated armor, but it has it’s perks. The obvious one being the added protection. Secondly, I prefer modularity as it gives more flexibility to adjust to weather. On this trip we will ride from wet and cold to dry and hot and everything in between. Admittedly, not having to bother about rain gear makes the ride more efficient. On the other hand riding in hot conditions in a touring suit is pretty rough, unless you can keep good speed and ventilation going. We will be on smaller tracks and will likely have to work the bikes on technical terrain, so I want to be able to ride in just my armor and base layer if need be. Getting overheated and dehydrated on a mountain pass or desert would make for a pretty lousy day.

Base layer pants

Base layer shirt

Mid weight mid layer pants

Mid weight mid layer jacket

MTB socks

Klim Traverse Jacket

For cool and wet days I prefer a minimalistic jacket that has enough room for MX armour. I don’t need a million pockets as I never carry anything in them, except for a rag for wiping water and insects off the goggles. A maze of several pockets is more or less an irritation unless you’re super organized and meticulously put everything where it’s supposed to be. I’m not one of those people and I love the Less-Is-More design of this jacket.
I prefer in boot pants, as the don’t snag on pegs or flap around if a fastener becomes undone. They are also just a little lighter and dry faster than full pants.
For rainy days I prefer a 3 layer Gore-Tex shell. Being able to put them on without taking boots off is a must. I love the full length zipper on these. They are also very compact and pack into small space.
I’m hoping I’ll mostly be riding in this and armor only but it’s probably wishful thinking. This jersey is tough enough not to require a spare one.

Alpinestars Bionic Protection Jacket

Thor Force Knee Guards

Sidi Crossfire Boots

Airoh Aviator Helmet

I was very tempted to ride with my open face Nolan N43, but decided not to risk it.

Goggles dark + extra lens

Goggles clear + extra lens


Ear Plugs

I use cheap foam ear plugs. If I had expensive tailor-made plugs I would lose them and end up using cheap foam plugs. So just cutting out the expensive middle man.

I use MTB gloves for hot weather, but for cold and wet I use the Element Long glove. We don’t use grip warmers, so that’s why the beefy gloves.

Royal Neo MTB gloves

I just love these gloves. They’re discontinued but luckily I’ve still got three unopened pairs. I also use them for mountain biking and DH.

Klim Covert Balaclava

Klim Neck Warmer

Camelbak Chaos

This hydration pack has been my trusty companion on many adventures. Like I said earlier I prefer not to keep stuff in my pockets. Instead I keep them in my backpack. All documentation, cash, cards etc. are stored in this pack, in waterproof pouches. This pack goes where I go so all critical things are always safe. Unfortunately it’s discontinued now and they don’t make them like they used to…



All non-riding gear is kept to a bare minimum. This results in a lot of washing and if it gets to be an irritation, T-shirts and underwear can be found easily anywhere in the world.



Hiking socks

MTB socks

Technical T-shirt

Cotton T-shirt

Converse sneakers

Hiking pants

These can be converted into 3/4 length shorts with straps. I don’t like zip-off pants.


Garmin Montana 600 Navigator w. maps & tracks

Navigator backup card w. maps & tracks

Navigator Screen protector film

Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag

LowePro Classic 50 Camera Pouch

Waterproof pouch in tank bag for DSLR

Adventure-Spec Magadan Panniers

Tie down straps for panniers

Road map, Russia and Mongolia

Tail strap

Ortlieb Dry Bag

Spare key

Hobo Stickers


Service record

Small Show Plate

First Aid Kit


Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight Solo tent.

This is another discontinued gem. I’ve had it for over ten years and it’s still good. 

Down Sleeping bag, +7DegC

Thermarest 3/4

I use my old climbing mattress which reaches from my neck to my butt. I stuff put dry clothes under my feet and stuff the sleeping bag stuff bag as a pillow.

Head torch


MSR Pocket Rocket

Best. Stove. Ever.

Gas cartridge for stove

Lighter + waterproof matches

MSR soloist pan


Nescafe instant coffee

MSR Titanium Spoon




Wateproof pouch

Needle and thread

Mattress repair kit

Water purification tablets


EU Driving license

International Driving Permit 68

Passport with Russian and Mongolian visas

Green card

Traveller’s insurance card

Copies of documents

Waterproof pouch for docsuments

Tooth brush

Tooth paste


Wet wipes


Laundry bag

Insect repellent

Emergency rations for three days

Hobo Flask for booze

This should never be emptied completely. Instead it is always filled up with whatever is handy, thus making the contents always a refreshing surprise.


Mobile phone

Ear phones

USB wall charger

Mini USB cable

Micro USB cable

220v cable Philips

Nikon AW-1 camera

NIKKOR AW 11-27.5mm lens

NIKKOR VR 6.7-13mm lens

NIKKOR VR 30-110 mm lens

Nikon AW-1 extra battery

Nikon AW-1 12v charger

Nikon AW-1 12v charger cable

Nikon D610 DSLR

Nikon D610 extra battery

Nikkor 50mm f/1.4‎ lens

Nikkor 24mm f/1.4 lens

Nikon D610 12V charger

Nikon D610 12V charger cable

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition camera

GoPro extra batteries

GoPro 12v charger

Memory cards

Memory card holder

Macbook Air laptop

Macbook Air charger 12v

Macbook Air Waterproof Pelicase

PDF / Owners manual 2013

PDF / Repair manual 2013


I only carry the bare essentials. Juha has a more extensive tool kit.

Work gloves

KTM chain spanner 10/13

KTM spark plug key

KTM screwdriver

Bahco Ratchet Set

Socket T45

Small hex keys

Tractive adjuster keys

Mini screwdriver for seals



Mini chain tool

Electric multimeter

Puncture kit

Motion Pro T-6 27mm spoon

Motion Pro T-6 32mm spoon

Valve Core Tool 


Glue, sand paper and patches.

Bead buddy II


MTB Pump

Pressure gauge