Lately I’ve been a little distracted by the continuation of the riding season and my other two wheeled friend. We’ve just got about 30-40 cm of snow in the southern forests so winter enduro is taking up a fair bit of my limited free time. The GSX1400, or I should say crates of parts of it, are still in the temporary garage. The enduro bike is in my new garage, which will hopefully be emptied out of the previous tenant’s gear by March. The new garage will also become the birth place and home of my 14, once I haul the engine, crates, and all the parts from the blasting and paint shops over once space is freed up. I know a birth place is a big word but I feel that by the time it’s back in one piece it will have gone through a major transformation in terms of appearance and performance. I can’t wait to continue working on it. Especially now that I have ahem… a desk to work on.