Finally got around to cleaning the brake pistons. Nice to see them free of crud, all nice and shiny. They’re ready to go back in, once I get the final pieces of the forks and double check the status of the calipers, as they still might need a little cleaning before being put together. Also checked the tension of the spark plugs. I can’t believe how loosely they’re put in, at 11 Nm torque. Feels almost like finger tightness.
The swing arm bearings didn’t give too much trouble either. Yanked out the other side with a blind puller and the knocked out the other one through the swing arm. The bearings were in good shape. Almost a shame to replace them.
I also removed most of the PAIR crap and threaded the thingys on top of the engine for some M10 bolts. I’ll need to pick up some thread lock and the bolts.
Fingers crossed, things won’t get any smaller after today. The rebuild starts.