Stopped by the garage after work and removed the wheel bearings. A blind bearing puller, sliding hammer and a heat gun did the trick with the front bearings. With the rear bearings, heating the hub and just whacking the bearings out from the opposite side worked like a charm. Anyhow, there was very minor play in all of the bearings and a little corrosion in the right hand side front bearing. Probably washed with high pressure water.
I’ve had a minor issue with scratching sounds off the front discs in low speeds. The discs are mobile off the rivets and seem to be okay. The rim seems to have some powder coat residue on the mating surface, which could be the culprit. Then again it could also be the sedimented brake pistons, which I dumped into a solvent bath for later cleaning. The calipers already spent the night in the same bath and got a bit of a cleaner look today too.