Sooooo ups and downs as usual. Today I cleaned out the headers and then soldered connectors to all the wiring in the tail along with a resistor for the LED indicators. All works, except for some of the LED:s in one of the indicators are dead. Will have to shop for a new one at some point. Then it was time to put the fairings on and calibrate Thommohawks GPI, which worked like a treat. Beautiful stuff!
I took the bike off the maintenance table an took a quick spin around the parking lot. My rear brake is still on the table so I didn’t do a longer run.
One thing that I had been meaning to do is adjust the suspension to MCN settings which went very well with the forks. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now what happened with the rear shocks. Yes, both are now leaking. The other one won’t go past ring 2 any more. I guess this is the dreaded thing with those. So what are my options? Try to do the refill trick and hope for the best? Buy new ones and if so, which ones?
Other than that, I still need to build and install the rear brake, change some bolts and install the Scottoiler. Dyno is booked for June 1st. It’ll be interesting to see if the header change has done anything at all.