First thing tonight I took the fuel pump apart and it was indeed pretty grimy at the bottom. Cleaned it and reinstalled it. I was dying to try to test it but decided to get other stuff done before trying again. However, just to keep focused on the job at hand I put in some new bolts for the can hangers and put in the hydraulic fluid for the front brakes and clutch line. Bled everything and it’s all good now. I still need to sort out the caliper split gasket for the damn rear brake caliper. I’ve got the piston seals but can’t find the split seal. It’s not available as a single gasket anywhere, and I’ d hate to buy the full set again just for the tiny o-ring.
So, time to test the fuel pump. I decided to pick up some fresh fuel as the stuff I had poured in were leftovers from my enduro and there wasn’t too much of it either. So after a quick visit to the petrol station I poured in 12 liters of fresh stuff. Ignition on, start it, combustion! It runs! There was a snag though. I heard some knocking sound on the right hand side which was not good. Plus there was smoke. Turns out that the header gasket on #3 wasn’t sealing. Luckily I had spares and managed to get the job done with only getting the oil cooler out of the way without removing it. #3 down pipe out, header gasket out, new gasket in and bolted the whole thing back together. Hit the starter and sit now sounds as it should. YES!
So, it’s looking good for now. I still need to solder some connectors to the tail wiring, as well as install a Scottoiler, some mirrors and replace the end can exhaust clamps. The clamps are looking well worn. Then I guess it’s time to put the fairings on, have it photographed and take it to the dyno. Hopefully I’ll have all necessary parts back next week and get it done.