Yesterday saw the bike with new headers and collector as well as the Devil’s and link pipes. Everything went on smoothly. The oil cooler was a bit of a pain to install but went on eventually. I also checked all cable and hose routing’s and found some mistakes I’d made. That’s why I didn’t put in the fluids just yet. Late in the evening the tank went on too, with which I had to fiddle a a bit as the fuel pump was touching the pulling throttle cable housing. All good in the end. Oil and fuel in, no leaks yet. Hit the starter. Failure. 
The engine is turning with the starter motor but there’s no combustion. I noticed that the usual enthusiastic whirring sound is missing when I turn the ignition key to ON. I guess it could be something with the fuel pump. I remember reading Matt experiencing similar symptoms, so I too will take the fuel pump out and have a look. They probably don’t like sitting around all winter with an empty tank. Anyhow, it was getting late yesterday, so I didn’t have time to investigate. I’ll try have look tonight. All suggestions are welcome.