I set up my forks with a 20W Motul fork oil and a whopping 240 mm air gap. It’s all in accordance to the Hyperpro specifications, but I did have to double check. So altogether I put in around 900 cc of fork oil so one bottle is enough for two fork legs. It sounds and looks extremely weird but seems to work pretty well. I’m looking forward to taking a test ride in…..errr…..two-three months. 

I also had some time to delve into the single seat mod, I’ve been meaning to get around to for a year. So my OEM seat is now butchered and I did some shaping tests with it. I will most likely not be using this piece, but it’s good for getting a rough idea of the seat angle and sculpting. The biggest issues with the single seat unit are not the seat itself, but rather the large exposed tail section. It can end up looking like an 80’s gixxer with it’s thick tail. I don’t think just slimming it will work either as it will leave it looking like a helipad in the tail. It’ll need some contouring to and curvature to continue the elegant lines of the tank. Both on the sides and the top.


I have no clue what it’ll look like in two months. Most probably I’ll just hack the tail off my friend’s B-King, he so unwisely left in my garage for the winter.