When I had the rims powder coated last winter, the rear didn’t turn out perfect. The brake side of the hub was not coated. It was my fault, as I incorrectly remembered that the brake disk would cover it, and told the painters to mask it. Wrong. So it ended up being grey and bugged me out all summer. So, taking the wheel off, I decided to take care of the matter. The paint is not the same as on the rim, but it looks far better now. Besides, after a couple of hundred k:s on the road, I won’t see the difference


Like I said the bike is cruddy and lots and lots of cleaning ensued. I didn’t want to repeat the mistake of not cleaning the parts as they come off the bike like last year. I ended up being too stoked to get the bike back together and did a so-so job on the cleaning. This time around I’m going down the Nazi route and meticulously cleaning everything as they come off the bike. So now I have shelves of nice, clean parts.

Taking the bike apart was a lot easier this time around. Obviously because it’s now a familiar process. The main thing though is that I replaced most of the bolts last year and took care to copper slip all critical stuff. Removing the down pipes was a job that I dreaded before, having read all the horror stories of snapped bolts etc on the Org. This time around it was a two minute job. Everything just came out so smoothly, using a small ratchet. Copper slip!

Right now the down pipes, collector and link pipes are ready to be shipped off for coating. Black, black, black.