TKS-1 rolling down Grunwald on Titanic.

The weather in Berlin had greatly improved since my last visit. So we took the chance to go cycling in the weekend. On Saturday we did generic urban cycling, following the canals and anything interesting. We rolled around Tempelhof and the eastern side of the city in Kreuzberg. It was a nice relaxed trip, stopping for brunch and coffee. Later for drinks of course. The canals are really nice and it’s all mostly flat so very relaxed riding.

Today we decided to check out the Schöneberg castle and Grunewald. The castle was beautiful and touristy so we left quickly for Grunewald. The forest was a real revelation and it was a shame we were on rigid bikes. Mine was actually not too bad; a rigid mountain bikeish thing. Nice to ride and quick to turn. My better half was not so lucky; she was riding some steel framed rental behemoth that we christened Titanic. She wasn’t having as much fun as me, so we rode around for an hour and the went back on tarmac. The tracks and trails in Grunwald were actually really nice, and the Berliners are lucky to have such nice hard pack within the city. They had also built some low berms and stuff that we rode down. The locals, in their spandex and XTR jerseys, did give us some worried looks when we passed them.

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