Yesterday marked the end of winter as far as enduro in southern Finland is concerned. We were riding some tracks Vetomies has built for their enduro safaris. I had been here three weeks earlier too, when the tracks were in awesome condition. Icy and hard. Now it was raining and the ground was visible at points and old snow had turned into treacherous slush that liked to catch your boots if you were careless. The riding was pretty challenging, as you had to stay on the old frozen track and had no support for you feet on either side. If you came off the track you were dug all the way up to the skid plate. It was pretty much an uphill struggle for me all day except some harder sections with less snow. They were great.

I managed to crash a couple of times and get a little banged up because of it. Still, an awesome day out and I even had time to snap some pics. Thanks to Tomi and Juki!