It had been a while since our last visit to the Teijo hiking area. We were stoked to be back as the terrain is variable with enough ascents and descents to keep the action interesting. Teijo has pretty much everything Finnish mountain biking can offer; wet swamps with built shores, big roots and mud, single track in coniferous forests and beautiful views off tracks on perfect rock.

We decided to start off with a new track I found in my topo maps. It started off with some tracks in very rooty and rocky terrain with a few ladder descents. It then opened up into a large swamp which had single or double planked shores to ride on. It was a bit unnerving at first but once you get your confidence and the wheels turning, it’s probably the easiest way to cross a swamp. The views were beautiful. The swamps possessed such tranquility and a feeling of remoteness that is hard to find anywhere else.

Unfortunately after the beautiful swamp, the route turned into a a maze of fallen trees over a barely visible path. Both my shocks were set up too soft so I was having a really hard time getting over things while trying not to bottom out my rear shock. Lots of carrying bikes before finding a decent and familiar trail further up north. Just this one track is probably worth the visit to Teijo. It just has everything and is technically interesting and nicely flowing with nice views from higher up.

I’m loving the new Sealskins I bought for this season. I was very skeptical at first, but the truly work well. Unless of course if you go in deeper that the sock. The you get wet, but that just boils down to carelessness.

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