I finally got around to getting some of the preventive work done on the KTM. Most of the wiring is pretty loose just before the connectors. I guess that would not be such a problem on a road bike. However, add the vibrations of a thumper to sand and dust and you’ve got yourself the equivalent of an army of little rodents gnawing at the insulation. This is best done when the bike is new so you won’t be sealing the little sand particles inside the wiring.

I must admit that I didn’t follow my own advice to the letter. I’ve already clocked over 300 km so this was long overdue. The wiring didn’t look too bad though and didn’t need any cleaning prior the wrapping with electrical tape. I only managed to do the wiring under the headlight mask, but it didn’t turn out too bad. I added some MTB inner tube between the zip tie points to reduce the risk of abrasion under vibration. Could be overkill.

After the front wiring I had a little bit of time on my hands and decided to butcher the Eurotard rear fender. I mean that thing is just as cool as a dick on Scarlett Johansson. Not that there’s anything wrong with it if that’s your kind of thing. Not my cup of tea though, so it had to go. Besides, I’d already broken the other indicator and didn’t hold high hopes for the lifespan of the other one either. Apparently the license plate doesn’t survive long on the Eurotard either.

So off comes the thingy and n goes the heat gun. With a little bending and new bolts this setup should almost be road legal. The biggest issue is to get it as vertical as possible without actually being chewed up by spiked tires in the winter. Or knobbies in the summer for that matter.

I’ll drill new holes for my LED mini indicators and license plate light when I hit the garage next time.