Just got back from a long night at the garage. All wiring is, hopefully, now protected. I found a real jackpot of exposed wires under the seat and took care of those. All wires were taped up and connectors sprayed with electrical vaseline. Sorted.

I also fit new LED indicators into the tail and made a DIY holder for an LED plate light. Looks a bit dubious but who cares. It’ll be covered in mud 99% of the time anyway. I soldered in the resistors for the tail indicators and found a nice spot for them next to the fuse box. The GPS unit had a lot of wiring so I shortened them significantly and binned the audio cable. I’m not a fan of conversation or audio instructions. When I ride, the only thing I want to hear is that 690 cc single cylinder intake and the Akra exhaust note. Music.

So wiring is now done. I decided not to change LED indicators into the headlight unit. The originals probably won’t get into harms way where they are. The tail indicators were gone within a week so it was not a question of bling.