I wished good luck to Jarmo and headed back to Sodankylä. On much smaller roads than on the way here two days ago. I thoroughly enjoyed Jarmo’s company but I was equally happy riding by myself too. The riding is more consistent and you don’t need to eye the mirrors or ride in dust all the time.

The route turned out to be very nice. It seemed to have sections of water here and there too. Some of the pools were pretty deep and I ended up getting wet.

I stopped in Sondankylä and refueled up to the brim. I also picked up some food for later. This was another area I had been looking forward to riding.

The route NW from Sodankylä was just awesome. It was a shame that Jarmo missed these trails. For me it was more exciting as I never knew what I was going to find. One road ended up in a river. I didn’t have the confidence to cross it, although it didn’t look that bad. Ending up in the middle of nowhere with a drowned bike all alone didn’t seem very tempting.

The roads were very variable with extremely good parts and very boring ones too.

I ended up refueling in Sirkka, before making camp maybe 45 min up the Muonio river. The mozzies were around in swarms so I didn’t bother cooking. Corn and tuna. I was beat and fell asleep quickly.

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