I started off the afternoon with emptying the fuel tank. It was a bit of a pig of a job as it was full. I finally made it and armed with a head full of petrol fumes I set to work. First things to come off were the top mount bolts for the tank. They were replaced with the RR version.

See the difference?

Then I replaced the bottom bolts, which came out nicely with the good instructions by RR. I’m happy to have changed it now. I think it’d be a pretty miserable job getting the original out, once it’s fully seized in with all the crap that it’s bound to attract. The tube below it is the oil line of the OSCO.

I’ve been a little worried about the original fuel tank filler cap. Or more so about the longevity of the key as the filler lock requires quite a bit of force to open and close. Even though it’s new at the moment. I’d imagine it’ll just get worse once dust and muck settles in. I wouldn’t want to be stuck somewhere with a snapped key in the cap. So I changed it to the Rally Raid billet filler neck and cap.

Moving on to the soft luggage mounts and rear fuel tank. The fuel pump assembly needed to be taken off to attach a fuel connector for distribution between the tanks. It came out without too much fuss and needed a few holes drilled into it. Once I had the fuel connector on the assembly with a massive O-ring, I slid it back up into the tank and installed the longer bolts. Sorted.

The tank itself is connected to the soft luggage racks, which in turn are bolted on to the handrail nuts and heel plate nuts. I had to do some cutting on the fairings to have enough room for the supplied spacers. Everything bolted on nicely.

I then installed the connecting fuel line. It seemed a little exposed so I added some MTB inner tube to keep it safe and sound.

I was very pleased with the quality and accuracy of work by Rally Raid. Some after market parts require a bit of rubber mallet to get them into place. Not so with Rally Raid. Everything fit perfectly and there was more than enough bolts and countersunk washers for different mounting options.

There’s ample room for the exhaust and the tail rack gives more options for mounting luggage. I love those RR filler caps!

So more bolt on stuff. Apparently if the chain snaps, it usually goes through the OEM sprocket cover kills the clutch cylinder cover. I decided to put on a RR billet sprocket cover. Looks good and even has a top chain guide.

As I’ll often be parking my ride in less than ideal ground, I decided to splurge on the side stand foot extender.

Before calling it a night, I did a quick test mount of my Adventure Spec Magadan panniers. I really can’t say anything about them yet. Didn’t have time to look into them properly.