Sometimes the Rolling Hobo shoots video too. Albeit very rarely, and only if the script is retarded.

The first video is a promotional video for Vetomies enduro safaris. It’s a remake of a classic Finnish comedy clip, where a guy goes to a bar and asks what kind of booze absinthe is with disastrous results. We rewrote the script for enduro and basically the guy goes to a motorcycle shop and, to impress some girls, asks what this enduro thing is all about. The results can be seen on the video. Equally disastrous. I’ll post a version with subtitles, when we get it out of post production after the hols.

The second video is an ad for the Vetomies enduro safaris in Saarenmaa, Estonia. We just used the location of the opening scene of the first film to create an alternate first scene. The rest of the footage is stock material I shot in the Vetomies Saarenmaa enduro safari a few weeks back.

Production, editing and all post production by FLC Helsinki.