It’s been almost three months since the launch of Eastern Dirt 14. Despite the silence, I’ve been busy. Building the bikes, selecting equipment, sorting out logistics, paperwork and visas, testing etc. These phases are well documented and I’ll do proper write up on them before the departure to the long trail east.

I’ve been planning this project for a year now. I always felt it to be something distant, without the sense of urgency. A dream in the far future.  It has now dawned on me, that in 24 days we are departing for our great adventure. That’s three weeks and three days. In four weeks we should be well into Russia already! That’s a terrifying and exhilarating thought.

Today we leave for the grand rehearsal, “Test Run 14”. It’s on familiar turf, with an eleven hour northbound train ride as a start. Our mission is to test and tune the bikes and fine tune the correct combination of gear, parts and tools. Having said that, we have a 2000 km dirt track mapped out so I imagine it will also be a welcome break from all the planning, preparing and building.

Full gear list here. I consider myself a bit of a minimalist, but both my Magadan panniers are pretty full. I’m not a fan of tail bags, but I just might have to ride with one or get rid of some gear. What would you leave out and what have I missed?