After spending a good four weeks of doing pretty much nothing it was time to get back on the horse. The one without the engine. I decided to head out to the Helsinki Central Park and ride some trails. From the get go it was great to be on the bike, even though the geometry felt really strange.
The ride to the park was all tarmac and a good twenty minute warm up. The trails on the other hand slapped me right in the face. I missed a clip-off on the first ascent and went down. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself, being so out of touch with the bike. On the trails I felt weak and out of sync, but it was still a great day out. I rode back to the garage with about 30 km on the clock.
The following day I convinced my much better half to ride with me. The ride was much more consistent this time. It was interesting to see what the seven week of enduro had done for mountain biking. The controls felt weird as well as the fact that the “pegs” weren’t static and you had to work to make the bike go forward. On the other hand, the bike felt extremely nimble and my cornering had improved significantly. Another excellent day out with maybe 30 km of riding like the day before.