I must admit, that I have been neglecting the GSX1400. I’ve spent most of my time doing normal off-season maintenance on the mountain bikes of my better half and I. In addition to that, I’ve spent quite a bit of time on my enduro. Riding and then fixing whatever it is that I wrecked. The spare time I have is now also cut in half, as work forces me to be far away from the man cave for two weeks each month. Okay, enough whining. Time to get back into it and be efficient. 
Getting around to fiddling with the 14 has given a proper boost in motivation and it’s looking much more familiar, than in the last months. I.e. the head is chopped off. The clocks will be shipped to Q for some maintenance work next week. I will also need to do something to the forks.


The forks ended up being really stiff, which was a welcome change after the loose and springy state they were in. The problem is that they are now too stiff, and only corner well in high speed. Even then they feel pretty nervous. I had a chat with Will from FTR suspension and will be tuning the forks according to his recommendations. The specs are fairly unconventional and I’ll do another post in them once I get around to doing the change.
And then there’s cleaning. Tons of it. The bike is absolutely grimy. However, I find it to be extremely rewarding work. I deal with fairly abstract things at work so it’s inspiring to get some visible results quickly.