Waking up in the morning, the weather had closed in a little. The sky was mostly overcast with spots of sunlight here and there. We took off towards Lakselv.

We had some food in Lakselv and then went our separate ways. Tuomas was headed back home south. I still had some days on me so I decided to ride toward Tana Bru, as I remembered the scenery to be good from my trip with the GSX1400 a year ago.

After Lakselv I was getting really fed up with the tarmac. There seems to be very little gravel in northern Norway. I was taking detours to any promising turn offs I could spot. One of them led to a small clearing where a Norwegian dude was having some “quality time” with himself. He panicked and I did a 180 and I left laughing.

I was happy riding solo again and even stopped to take some pics of the scenery. Can you spot the bike?

I stopped to make a call in the mountains and had a look at the bolts during the conversation. It was time to tighten the pannier rack top bolts. Everything else was more or less tight.

Arriving in Tana Bru I was out of ideas. I had pretty much ridden everything I set out ride on this trip. So after refueling I bought some coffee and biscuits and studied the maps. I remember visiting Vardö and Vadsö as a kid something like 25 years ago. It felt like the time for a revisit so I set my sights on Hamningberg. It’s and abandoned fishing village at the end of the last road.

The coastal road was nice but a little dull. The last leg from Vardö to Hamningberg was awesome, tight and twisty.

“The walls of Moria!”

I finally made it to the end and had a short walk around. I felt pretty tired and it was getting late. I had seen some potential camping spots before the village and decided to double back.

After some looking around I found an impressive location for camping. I must have taken a million photos from that setting. It just looked so lonely, remote and magical.

I ate what little food I had and tried to figure out where to head next. The wind picked up during the night and I had to sleep with my ear plugs on. I had no idea what to do next.

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