Getting back to the garage, I was happy to see that no fuel had leaked from my assembly. The tanks were more or less empty though so it was time to increase the pressure. I suited up and went to fill up the tanks. No leaks yet. Time to hit the trails.

I headed into the generic Vihti and Loppi area to look for new trails. I must say that the bike is really starting to grow on to me. I was on the pegs most of the time and was really enjoying the riding. Even the suspension felt pretty good. I was cruising around looking into any kind of trail head I could find. A few dead ends but the riding was just awesome in excellent weather.

At one point, riding through some bumpy forest track I felt something cold on my backside. I smelled fuel and feared the worst. Turning around I noticed that the filler cap from the rear tank was gone. Luckily I had just stopped a few kilometers back and had noted that the cap was still on. I doubled back in hope of finding the cap somewhere on the route. I had almost lost hope when I found it sitting on a wide gravel road section. The breather cap was gone, but I was really happy to have found the cap. Luckily I had spare breather caps in the garage so no biggie.

I did some 220 km and getting back into the garage did a bolt check on the RR products. Everything was nice and tight.