I took the rest of my kit to the garage today for a test pack for Fall Dirt 13 (it’s a working title, and admittedly a bad one at that). It seemed like a heap of stuff, but in the end I seem to have less kit with me now than in the summer. This time around I have a heavier sleeping bag but no tent. It’s pretty cold at the moment so the I don’t think the flying insects will be back before next summer. So despite my Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight 2 being ultra light, I decided to leave it home. I’d much rather sleep outside than in a tent.

I added some bungee loops to secure the fuel bottles. The Magadan panniers have some straps to tighten the fuel pocket. Unfortunately they are very stiff to operate and once tightened will actually create a negative bulge into the main pocket, thus reducing its volume. I know this is splitting hairs and the main point was to secure the bottles into the pockets for the bumpy ride.

Here’s the kit list for this trip. Major changes from ADT-13, among other things, are not having a tent, having a 3/4 length Thermarest without a puncture, more mid layer clothing, a rain jacket, less civil clothing and lots of extra fuel. And no GoPro…probably.