The morning was chilly and the mechs had been up early to change the engine oils of the bikes. The riding on the cold morning started with another stretch of tarmac. I had my headphones and windproof jacket on for the boring ride towards the north.
This just wasn’t my day. I don’t know why that was the case, but sometimes that’s the way it goes. I just couldn’t seem to get my groove on with the bike. One of the reasons was that we kept stopping every fifteen minutes for some reason. It really broke my rhythm and I found it hard to ease into the ride with the constant stopping and starting.
When I lose my focus, I also lose all interest in photography. This time was no exception, which is a real shame as we rode through some amazing terrain on the ride towards Agadir. Unfortunately all I have to show for the day is a picture of a goat in a tree.
These are the days that come back to haunt me when I browse through the frames I shot. What a waste of beautiful scenery. Anyhow, my foul mood didn’t improve when arriving at the hotel so I decided to get drunk, good and proper. That usually helps. This time was no exception.

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