I opted to ride in a modular setup as opposed to a touring suit with integrated armor. Regular MX pants weren’t an option though as I had doubts that they would survive the seven weeks of riding. The pants needed to be light enough with good ventilation as we had to cross hot and dry Mongolia before returning to wet and cold Siberia. The answer came in the form of Klim Dakar In The Boot pants.

Out of the box the finish looked very nice. Beefy Cordura with a smart design. From light breathable mesh in the shins to the rugged leather in the high wear areas. I went with black, which looked subtle enough without over the top logos.

The fit is very nice, with accurate sizing. I have a 34″ waist and the 34″ size fit me perfectly. The waistline is adjustable by velcro loops through plastic buckles on both sides. They are easy to operate, even with gloves. I found the pants being a little baggy around the butt but I guess it’s because they are designed to have enough room for hip armor. There is also ample room for knee pads, without range of motion being compromised.

With seven weeks of riding, they held up very well to wear. In fact they look to be in very good shape after all the punishment they took, especially on rocky sections. Also, the knees held up to wear extremely well. I was sure they would be the first to go, as during bike maintenance, the fabrics of the knees would be squashed between the knee pads and whatever was on the ground. There is a little abrasion visible, but nothing remotely significant. Zippers are usually one of the first fail points on garments. The YKK zippers on the pants worked well throughout, both in dry and dusty conditions as well as wet and muddy.

One of the best features of the pants is the venting. Opening up the vents and riding on the footpegs would quickly cool down the lower body. Even after being drenched in river crossings or rain, the pants and the base layer would be dry in fifteen minutes of riding on the footpegs.

If I really stretch my imagination, the only minor issue are the waterproof pockets. The pockets really are waterproof but the zippers are not. In deep river crossings the pockets fill up with water but do not empty. Instead the pockets remain full of water, until they are turned inside out.

The bottom line is that these are the best pair of in the boot pants I have ever owned.