I had a bit of a fright today, after the very first oil change at 32 km. Upon starting the engine, the oil immediately turned milky in the sight glass. Needless to say I was pretty worried, but the milkiness disappeared after letting the engine sit for a while. I had a chat with the KTM techs, and their view was that it was due to condensation in the valve cover most likely. My garage is unheated, so it made sense.

I warmed up the engine and little by little the milkiness disappeared entirely. I dropped the oil and changed the filter again, just to be sure.

Other than that, the engine seems to be doing good. The original oil turned out looking good, with only a few tiny metal particles on the magnet and sieves. Much less than on my 690 three years ago.

I spent the rest of the afternoon bolting on bits and pieces and also pulled the valve cover to check the valve clearances and shim sizes. Everything is looking good for now…