Another long day wrenching, but I dare say the 500 is now ready for the trails.

The bike weighs in at just under 126 kg without fuel or extra oil, including navigators, empty tank bag and saddle bags. With a full 19 litre fuel tank and 3.2 litres of extra oil the total weight is just under 143 kg. The heaviest parts are probably the bash plate, cush hub wheel, navigation rack and the 19 l fuel tank.

Fully packed up for long range travel with spare parts and tools, camping equipment and full DSLR set and tripod the total weight is 160 kg.

The bike weighed 112 kg without fuel when I rolled it into the garage a few weeks ago. Now that it’s put on 48 kg, it will be interesting to see how it does on the trails. If all goes well, I ride out east on Monday or Tuesday for a few days of shakedown testing and camping. Hello Poland!!!