The bike is going through some modifications, in an effort to make it even lighter for this summer’s expedition. I’ve ditched the navigation clamps and the LED spot, that was connected to them, along with the navigators. Extra light is necessary though, so the OEM ligh has been replace by the Dual.5 LED light by ET Racing.

Installation was a breeze, as it mounts directly to the original headlight mask with a bracket that is included in the kit, and the light plugs right into the original headlight connector so no soldering is required. The light comes with a controller/ballast unit, which can be zip tied right onto the bracket, but I did isolate it with a strip of adhesive foam to dampen vibration. The power cord also seemed a little prone to wear against the bracket, but a section of MTB tube and a couple of cable ties sorted it out. I have yet to test the light in riding conditions, but there is a lot of output compared to OEM headlight.

ET Racing currently offers a Hobo discount for the light in case you’re interested.